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The OLC Center for Professional Learning offers virtual learning opportunities for e-learning professionals at any stage of their career. Whether you are new to online or a seasoned professional, we offer a wide range of programs for those who are eager to take their career to the next level. These three 7-day workshops will get you where you need to be to teach online quickly.

workshopsOnline Teaching Essentials 1: Getting Started

An essential component of successful online teaching is experiencing online learning for yourself. This workshop will provide you with an important online learning experience as you explore the basics of online teaching and learning. You will learn the critical differences between online and face-to-face courses, including faculty and student expectations, role adjustments, and course design and evaluation. Your explorations will include research-based readings, presentations, and discussions with other new online teachers. There will also be an hour-long optional (recorded) live session where you will get a chance to meet your facilitator to discuss important topics related to online teaching and ask your questions. 

Getting ready to start out with online teaching had me nervous and anxious. All of my fears were eliminated after taking the New to Online, Essentials Part 1 course! At the end, I had the toolkit necessary to create a learning environment that the students will thrive in! I feel prepared and excited about starting with fresh ideas, resources, and the research to back me up. Rebekah Luong, Clinical Instructor, University of Central Arkansas


Online Teaching Essentials 2: Converting Your Course

Converting face-to-face classroom materials for use in an online course can be challenging. Decisions such as what formats to use and when to use synchronous or asynchronous strategies are an important part of course design. In this workshop, you will develop strategies for migrating content from the face-to-face to the online environment. You will learn to determine when to use asynchronous or synchronous methods, and you will explore tools for easily converting various types of content into web-appropriate formats. 

The Essentials Part 1 and Part 2 were incredibly helpful in getting me started in teaching online — not only because of the content but how the course design and faculty modeled effective online teaching and learning. Also, the courses focused first on pedagogy, then what tools might enhance the effectiveness of my teaching rather than the other way around. Even though there is still lots to learn, these courses give me the confidence and continued resources to move to online teaching. Linda Coutant, Ed.D., Adjunct Instructor, Department of Communication, Appalachian State University  


Online Teaching Essentials 3: Course Design Basics

Your first foray into online teaching can be exciting, yet challenging, as you explore the many opportunities that online teaching can present. To take advantage of those opportunities, you’ll need a great online syllabus and some strategies for designing effective online learning activities. This workshop will help you identify important considerations in the design of both. The workshop will utilize the OLC Quality Course Teaching & Instructional Practice rubric from the OLC Quality Scorecard Suite.  

I truly enjoyed this workshop and I plan to go back and do more reading and commenting before class officially ends tomorrow. Out of all the workshops I’ve taken, I feel like this one has provided me with a huge amount of resources that I plan on returning to frequently. Essentials 3 workshop participant 2019

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