Since 2010, the Consortium has recognized individual OLC members as OLC Fellows. Recognition as an OLC Fellow is one of unusual professional distinction and is conferred upon individual members of the Online Learning Consortium by the OLC Board of Directors for outstanding work within online learning, extraordinary contributions to the field, distinguished service to OLC, and extraordinary leadership. Special attention is given to an individual’s contributions in one or more areas represented by the OLC FIve Pillars of Quality.

Nominations and Submissions

Fellow recognition is an honor that an individual cannot seek. Rather, a nomination must be initiated by another OLC Fellow, an OLC Individual Member, or an OLC Institutional Member.

A Fellow Selection Committee will be appointed by the OLC Board President and will have responsibility for managing the nomination process, for evaluating all nominations submitted, and for recommending a limited number of candidates to the Board of Directors for selection. The Fellow Selection Committee receives nominations, reviews credentials, and recommends candidates for approval by the OLC Board of Directors.

OLC Fellow Nominations are evaluated on four primary criteria:

  • Outstanding qualifications in the field of online learning:
    Does the nominee demonstrate outstanding qualifications in the field of online learning?

  • Significant experience in online learning or an allied field:
    Does the nominee demonstrate significant experience in online learning?

  • Extraordinary contributions and leadership in the field of online learning:
    Does the nominee present extraordinary contributions and leadership in the field of online learning?

  • Distinguished service to OLC or the field:
    Does the nominee present a record of distinguished service to OLC?

Materials required for nomination:

  • Nominee’s CV
  • A detailed description of how the nominee meets the evaluation criteria.
  • Three supporting letters that address the nominee’s qualifications for this award. No more than two letters may be from the same institution or community and none may be from current OLC Board Members, Fellows Selection Committee, OLC staff, or nominator.

Status: Closed
Submissions for the OLC Fellows are currently closed.


Past OLC Fellows

View the page below to see a list of the individuals who have been recognized as OLC Fellows:

Complete List of OLC Fellows